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Our regular shopping list! Cash for your used equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com Cisco NCS2K-400G-XP - 400G CFP2 MR Xponder cards.
NCS2K-100G-CK-C, CISCO NCS2K-200G-CK-C, Cisco 15454-M-10X10G-LC,  NCS2K-MR-MXP-LIC, Cisco 15454-M-100G-LC-C, Cisco ASR1001, ASR1002, ASR1004, ASR1006, ASR1009 series. CISCO A9K, ASR, Nexus N5K, N3K, N9K, N77 series

Cisco Catalyst 9300 & 9400 Series, C9400-LC-48U, C9400-LC-48T, C9400-LC-48UX, C9400-LC-24XS, C9400-LC-48P, C9400-LC-24S, C9400-LC-48S, 9300 series.
WS-C2960S series, WS-C2960X series, WS-C3560 series ( E, G and X series ), WS-C3750 series, WS-C3850 series, Access Points AIR-CAP2702E-A-K9, AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9, AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9, AIR-SAP2602I-A-K9, AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9, AIR-CT2504-5-K9, AIR-AP1852I-x-K9, AIR-AP1852E-x-K9, AIR-AP2802I-x-K9, AIR-AP2802E-x-K9C.
JUNIPER MX Series: MX240, MX480, MX960, MX5, MX10, MX80, MX104, MX204
MPC3E, MPC4E, MPC5E, MPC7E, MPC8E, MIC3, MIC, Power supplies
SRX Series: SRX1500, SRX4200, EX Series: EX2300, EX3400, EX4300, EX4550, EX9200
QFX Series: QFX5100, QFX5200, QFX5300, Juniper QFX10002-36Q, Juniper QFX10002-72Q & Juniper MPC7E-MRATE